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Coffee Lingo

These are the terms we will be using to describe our coffees:

  • Acidity: The pleasant sharpness and sweetness of coffee. Somewhat analogous to dry wine.
  • Body: The heaviness, richness and thickness one feels when drinking coffee. Similar to the sensation of a good red wine
  • Flavor: The hardest to describe. A coffee could be smoky, fruity, grace, or sometime indescribable.

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African Coffees

  • Kenya AA: The best out of Kenya. Has a full body roast with medium acidity. American Roast.
  • Ethiopian: Considered by many as the king of coffees. Rich in body; fruity, winey in flavor with a flowery fragrance. American Roast.
  • Tanzanian Peaberry: Medium-to-full body, a sharp, winey acidity with a fairly rich flavor. American Roast.
  • Yemen Mocha Matari: A perfectly balanced coffee with an almost full body, medium acidity and rich flavor, revealing chocolatey undertones. French Roast.

Latin American Coffees

  • Colombian Supremo: The best out of Colombia. Has a medium body, light acidity and smooth flavor. A well-rounded coffee. American Roast.
  • Brazil Bourbon Santos: Medium in body with moderate acidity and smooth flavor. A favorite for dark roast lovers. Vienna Roast.
  • Costa Rican: Has an exceptional full body and a rich, hearty flavor. Vienna Roast.
  • Guatemalan Antigua: A distinct coffee with medium-to-full body, high acidity, and a unique spicy, smoky flavor. American Roast.
  • Mexican Pluma: Perfect for black coffee drinkers, this is a light body coffee with a mellow acidity and a dry flavor. Full city roast.
  • Peruvian: Mild, light body; smooth flavor and low acidity. American Roast.

Pacific Region Coffees

  • Sumatra Mandheling: Considered by many as the most full body coffee in the world. It has a medium acidity and a smooth, rich flavor. Full City Roast.
  • Celebes Kalasi: Very similar to Sumatra only sharper in flavor and a little less body. American Roast.
  • Indian Mysore: The best out of India. It has a medium body. Light acidity and spicy flavor. Full City Roast.
  • Papua New Guinea: A lighter version of the other Pacific coffees with a medium body and a decently rich flavor. American Roast.